An Experiment: Prelude

The following posts were originally written as short picture-posts on my Tumblr.  I am updating, rewriting and consolidating them here.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a six-week course on papermaking and bookbinding at the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, Texas.  I didn’t really have a clear idea at the time of what I wanted to do with the class — I was under the impression we’d make some blank paper and bind it and call it a notebook.  It turns out the scope of the class is to make an entire, finished book with imagery and color.  This is a pretty tall order for six weeks, and became even more so when I determined what I am going to do:

I am going to create an illuminated manuscript.

This blog is going to allow you to follow my descent into madness the progress of this endeavor.  Over the course of the next six weeks I hope to learn the intimate details of the creation of the manuscripts I’m making it my job to study.  I hope you all learn something too.


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