Questions From The Audience

This question was originally asked as a comment on a Facebook repost of my Tumblr.

This project is wicked awesome!!! Okay, so, I’m curious- what kind of paper did you use? Where did you find it? I *love* historic writing, but find getting the right equipment a challenge. It looks absolutely gorgeous!!! What a fantastic and *clever* craft project! What did you use for sizing? :) I’ve heard of using gelatine to keep the ink from feathering too much, but I’ve never quite figured out how. And I think the cotton content has got to make a difference, too.

Laura Rice

For the writing I used a standard calligraphy pen. I attempted to make my own quills, but the quality of feathers that were readily available was so poor I couldn’t get anywhere near a fine enough point to do the lettering. The ink is standard, too, although I did make sure to by natural, organic ink (which smelled a bit like my favorite Mongolian barbecue, so every time I spent an evening writing, I always wanted that for dinner!) to make sure that I got as close to medieval materials as possible.

Regarding the sizing, I’m not actually sure what I used!  It was whatever the papermaking teacher had in stock and recommended to me. I can definitely find out and post the results here!


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