Link Share: 20 Celebrities With Stunning Home Libraries

From three4history’s post “Interesting”:

20 Celebrities With Stunning Home Libraries

Any committed bibliophile fantasizes about having the ultimate home library. Whether that’s a room filled floor to ceiling with every book they’ve ever wanted to read or a simple, cozy den stocked with priceless antique tomes is really a matter of taste. Regardless of style, most are limited from fulfilling these dreams of a home library haven thanks to budget constraints. Celebrities, often making tens of thousands of dollars for just showing up somewhere, have no such financial restraints and may indulge themselves with those epic home libraries the rest of us can only dream about. Here are several libraries of the rich and famous sure to fill you with envy and awe — maybe even motivate you to create a more budget-friendly version in your own home.

My friend Matt shared this at his blog three4history, along with his insightful thoughts.  I don’t have much to add, except OMG total bookshelves lust for William Randolph Hearst’s!!


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