Happiness Is

Today I had orientation training at the Harry Ransom Center, where I will be volunteering this semester and inputting metadata into a new website database showcasing the Kraus collection of Renaissance maps. This entailed a trip into the bowels of the Ransom Center and the chance to see an early 17th century manuscript map of Virginia and a 16th century printed map of America.

I also walked past the shelves holding the manuscripts of T H White, and I’m sure those of you who know my almost fanatical devotion to The Once and Future King will not be surprised to ear about the squeak of joy I let out.

The day ended with an hour in the HRC Reading Room cozied up with HRC 143 and practicing my palaeography and transcription skills on “The Prologue to the Summoner’s Tale” — because yes, HRC 143 is one of the Ransom’s two copies of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from the mid-1400s. Oh, Anglicana script, how I have missed you.

So that, fair readers, is what, to me, happiness is. :)


3 thoughts on “Happiness Is

    • Oh, wow, I’ll have to check them out! I love T H White so much – I’d love to just chuck it in and go live in rural England and teach myself how to make jesses and things. :)

  1. You might also be interested in Kurth Sprague’s _From a Troubled Heart_. It’s all about White’s biography and the female characters in TOAFK. Uses a lot of archival material from White’s journals to make him out to be a very troubled man.

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